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I'm the author of three books: the story collection We're in Trouble, the novel You Came Back, and a forthcoming collection, You Would Have Told Me Not To, which will be released on July 28, 2020.

I'll post more as the new book arrives. It's gotten good reviews so far from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, and a lot of authors I admire have said nice things, which you can see on the website under Press.

Please know that I'm happy to meet with book clubs--I'll almost always say yes to Skyping/Zooming with your group. Email and ask!

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Does Chris Visit with book clubs?

Yes. Yes he does. If you're reading his book, that is. Email him at He'll be happy to join your club for a discussion via Zoom.

Livestream Reading: Wednesday, July 29, 4PM PST

YOU WOULD HAVE TOLD ME NOT TO will be released into the world this week! My hometown bookstore, Reno's own Sundance Books and Music, will be helping me celebrate this book birthday by hosting a livest


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